RVC invites on lecture of storytelling guru

RVC invites on lecture of storytelling guru RVC will become a partner of a lecture-spacebridge with Maarten Shafer and Anuk Pappers, authors of annually published rating of the most popular brands of the UK CoolBrands. The lecture will be conducted in September, 13 in the Digital October Center. The main subject of lecture and further master-class will become a role of history in promotion of a brand. Partnership with RVC allowed making lecture free for participants.

Maarten Shafer and Anuk Pappers are recognized all over the world experts on storytelling. Ten years they have devoted to marketing stories and brands learning, which “have a purpose” from different countries. As a results of their travels appeared almanac “Round the world for 80 brands”, which included interview with founders of brands and impressions of Maarten Shafer and Anuk Pappers from meetings with them. Results of the conducted by them investigation became definition of 14 features, which the company with leading potential in its sphere possess, and also development of a branding history principal – a short trusted story “in third person”.

On the lecture Maarten Shafer and Anuk Pappers will tell how to efficiently use history power at work, everyday life and education, will share information about components of “virus” history, and will learn how to compound such stories. At the end of the lecture there will be held a master class, participants of which will divide by three groups in order to try to make own stories by one of the subjects: “corporation brand”, “young company/startup brand”, “personal brand”.
In order to take part in the lecture it is necessary to register at www.knowledgestream.ru/ru/lectures/65.