Prostor Capital invests $0.5M in a competitor SlideShare

Prostor Capital invests $0.5M in a competitor SlideShareVenture Fund Prostor Capital invested $500K in a Company Penxy – a developer of mobile applications for conduction and record of live presentations. This is principally new service, which possesses new available analogues to existing functions, and claims to be absolute leader in this segment.

The main aim of the Company is to create an application that will be maximum oriented at news of the end user in the sphere of creation and managing presentations: convenient, simple in use, multifunctional and economy.

A user downloads Penxy at his iPad or iPhone, creates an account, downloads his presentations in the format of PowerPoint or PDF. Mobile device is required to a reported for he could speak and walk on the stage free. While reporting he opens a required file, and at connected to projecting camera PC he enters a link in the browser and presses START at his device. With assistance of Penxy he can manage slides on the projecting camera. By one button a reporter can give link to a monitor for a direct translation of current event, and audience can open this link at their mobile devices, and ask questions in the text form, and also take part in voting, which requires minimum traffic, because slides are translated, but not live video.

Principally new difference of Penxy from other methods of presentations record and publish online. In particular, the main competitor SlideShare, is an opportunity of automatic adding to slides of audio track. Application records voice of a reporter for integrated microphone of a mobile device, and automatically puts commands up the voice for slides switch. Using its telephone instead of a clicker, a reported gets qualitative record of a speech, which is a significant factor for efforts and finances economy, because it is usually difficult to organize professional videotape of a speech.

Thanks to voice function, Penxy gives an opportunity to show presentation in real time not only to listeners in the auditorium, but also to thousands of users all over the world, who need only connection to Internet and web-browser. In order to attract listeners from network, is it enough to publish a link in Twitter or Facebook from application.

“We see a huge potential both of the project itself, and a sector of mobile applications on the whole, - comments Aleksey Soloviev, managing director of Prostor Capital. – Penxy is that rare occasion when it has been created a real innovation, herewith it is in demand indeed, and gives additional value for a customer; the products possesses an international potential, and a team has enough brave, knowledge and ambitious to realize this potential. And now they have funds, which will help them to improve their product and conquer global market, not leaving chances to competitors”.

This application is oriented at professional reports. It is mostly in need by experts, business trainers, teachers, etc. Nevertheless, it is available and useful for a more wide audience, for example, students, which can use Penxy as an instrument for training presentational skills and public speech rehearsal.

At the moment its potential audience comprises 500 million if people – these are owners of iPad and telephones iPnone all over the world. In the near plans of the Company is development of application for Android and Windows Phones.

Downloading of this application is free for users. Monetization of a service is plannes to be conducted due to additional services provision for those, who will use Penxy very intensive, and also due to advertising.