Igor Ryabenky invested $300K in application Qwenty for job search

Igor Ryabenky invested $300K in application Qwenty for job searchThe project of the mobile application Qwenty for search of a job beside the home has attracted $300K from a business-angel Igor Ryabenky. Investments, made on the level of the idea prototype, gave the fund Altair VC, which received a share of 35% in the company.

During a week an application is planned to be launched in Moscow on platforms iOS and Android, then in Saint Petersburg. By the end of the year, according to the project`s plans, the application will be launched by approximately 300 thousand users. Since 2014 creators of this application are planning to launch Qwenty in regions of Russia, then in CIS countries.

One of the founders of Qwenty, Dmitry Trachuk (also a founder of the society VKontakte MDK) explained that users will not require to create a resume, because resume for mass selection of staff is not altual: stores and cafes workers can be taught to do their job for 2-3 days. Users can get manager`s telephone number immediately after response, and then call and appoint a meeting.

Application mainly id focused at students. It will show vacancies, for example, waiters and salesmen, with reference to location of a user. Offers are possible to be filtered by amount of salary, metro station, working time or post name.

At the moment large recourses HeadHunter and SuperJobhave mobile applications for job search. According to Mr. Trachuk, these projects have older audience, and web-sites are more actual.