BioStartups of RVC presented their projects to American investors

BioStartups of RVC presented their projects to American investorsThree portfolio companies of RVC - Everon Biosciences, OnсoTartis and Incuron – have presented their projects to American investors within the limits of the conference Russian Innovation Week (RIW) (September, 17-20, Boston, MA, and Santa-Clara, the Silicon Valley). Companies offered developments in the sphere of biopharmaceuticals. During pitch sessions with duration of 4 minutes, each company tried to assure investors in a unique development, and proved investments attraction.

Aggregate investments in development of companies Everon Biosciences and OncoTartis in the near 3 years should reach $8M. Planned investments in the project of a company Incuron comprise $17M.

The company Everon Biosciences focuses at development of medication against age progress. Mechanism of action of this medication is directed at selected delete of growing old cells. At the moment there has been developed a technological platform for search of chemical combination, which is able to find growing old cells.

The company OncoTartis is a developer of antitumoral medicaments of a new class, which affect at invaded tissue of a human body. This will allow to destroy not only cells of primary tumor, but also cells of secondary metastasis, which will give an opportunity to treat recur and resistant to medicaments cancer types.

The company Incuron has already started in USA its clinical investigations of a medicament for treating metastasis and inoperable tumor and lymphadenoma.
All these three companies are portfolio companies of the Fund with participation of RVC “Bioprocess Capital Ventures”. Participation of RVC in case of positive result of clinical investigations will simplify the process of getting certification FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and other international regulating agencies, which is important for medicaments implementation into global market.

“Pharmaceutical industry in Russia is very young, and starts to cooperate with global connections of cost creation. Nowadays we challenge inertness of the Soviet scheme, when each pharmaceutical developer tries to establish a plant in-house, but not to address to generally accepted in the world schemes of outsoursing for clinical investigations or manufacturing. But this situation is changing now. Strong side of Russia is a serious scientific potential of teams, which by high rates absorb practice of clinical investigations and intellectual property protection according to International standards. Having challenged this barrier, Russian pharmaceuticals will manage to cross from generics production to creation of original substancies”, - considers Aleksey Konov, director on investments in biotechnologies of the venture fund “Bioprocess Capital Ventures”, established with participation of RVC`s capital.

The RIW conference, within limits of which presentations are held, is conducted for the second time. Heads of large international companies, venture investors and technological entrepreneurs, and also representatives of authority bodies of Russian Federation and United Stated of America take part in this conference. Organizers if this conference – Russian institutes of development: RVC, Rosnano and the Fund Skolkovo.

Besides investment pitches, the conference program provides discussion of such important for Russian innovative-technological business and venture investment questions, as legal provision of intellectual property, development of innovative infrastructure, and perspectives of cooperation in spheres of energetic, biotechnologies, IT and telecommunications. Speakers of RVC will also actively take part in special events, where there will be discussed, particularly, experience of American partners in the sphere of preparation and conduction of deals, implementation and commercialization of innovation technologies, joint investment in technological projects.

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