For the first time RVC conducts a seminar for mentors

For the first time RVC conducts a seminar for mentorsIn September 24, 2013 since 11am till 14.30pm of the field of a Startup-accelerator API Moscow, RVC, expecting launch of a business-accelerator Generation S, will conduct the mentor seminar on the subject: “mentorship as a social event and development tool: express-assistance for Startups, or social lift for successful people?”.

Mentorship is an important tool for creation of terms for accelerated development of innovation ecosystem of the country. Last year with support of RVC there has been conducted a range of seminars, focused at relationships development between mentors and technologies entrepreneurs. Among these events have held mentor sessions, which have been conducted within the limits of the largest contests, and also the Mentor`s Day.

In September, 24 on the seminar there will be considered the “mentorship” in a social-cultured aspect, and will be offered to discuss the following questions: communications formats for mentors and Startups, motivation of mentor`s activity and its social status, models and tasks of mentor societies, question of reasonability of the “Mentors club” creation under the brand of RVC.

In order to take part it is necessary to register till September, 23.

For those, who cannot participate due to various reasons, there will be organized an online transmission at the corporate site of RVC. Transmission` information will be distributed on the page of registration a day before the event. Volunteers can ask questions to speakers and participants of the seminar in Twitter (хэштег #gen_s).

Besides the seminar`s online-transmission, on the site of RVC will be transmitted “speaking clides”, which will be offered to organizers by the Company Penxy (Startup – participant of accelerator Generation S, and semi-finalist of the BIT contest this year). The basis of the service Penxy – iOS application, which allows recording presentations in real-time mode with voice support.