Nice Meeting presented its developments to American investors

Nice Meeting presented its developments to American investors In September, 19 the IT-Startup Nice Meeting, the portfolio company of RVC, presented their development to American investors within the limits of the conducted in USA Russian Innovation Week. Representation of the IT-startups at the conference has been significant: among 56 teams, which have passed pitch-session within the Forum limits, 36 offered investors new ideas in various segments of the information technologies sphere. Nice Meeting is the only portfolio IT- company of RVC, which takes part in RIW pitches this year.

Most developments refer to mobile applications. Also Russian technological innovators have brought into the Silicon Valley newness of software for retail, finances and geological exploration, games, video control systems and voice recognition systems, navigation systems, developments in the sphere of e-commerce and others.

The IT-Startup Nice Meeting offered the technology for online joint work via Internet in real time. This solution offers to use mobile devices for watching and showing presentations and business communication without special settings, wires and applications downloading. The Company has been invested by the Fund of Seed investments of RVC. The Company`s pitch has been held successfully. There has been chosen the interactive variant for the presentation, which offered to demonstrate opportunities of the platform more available and qualitative.

High interest of technological entrepreneurs to the IT-sphere is regular: according to RVC data, about 50% of the whole investments come to Internet-projects and neighbouring areas.

The IT subject has been one of the most discussed and actual at the conference. Particularly, the separate discussion has been devoted to opportunities, which are presented by Big Data, and to commercialization of corresponding technologies. The moderator of the discussion became Igor Agamirzyan, the director general of RVC. Among participants of this discussion were speakers of Companies Intel, Microsoft, News360, EMC and Rock Flow Dynamics, etc.

Nice Meeting presented its developments to American investors

“At the moment Russian companies are not enough connected to a global network of add value creation. The only one sector, where this has already been conducted, is Information technologies. Russian IT-companies aggressively go to global market. Yandex, Parallels, ABBY, Kaspersky – these are the examples of globality of Russian Internet-market, Russian companies success. Significantly increases the Internet share – economy in GDP of the country. In order to continue the global integration, we need capital and expertise – this will help us to give American market” – considers Igor Agamirzyan, director general of RVC.