Leading Russian CIO have written an work book for IT-directors

Leading Russian CIO have written an work book for IT-directorsThe “Club 4CIO” has presented an electronic book for top-managers “Work book 4CIO. Version 2.0”, created with assistance of multimedia platform Active Textbook of the Canadian Company Evident Point (enters the group of companies LANIT).

Interactive “Work book 4CIO. Version 2.0” has been created be the “Club 4CIO” to the VII Congress “Podmoskovnye vechera”, which is held in September, 22-24 2013, and is available. The “Work book 4CIO. Version 2.0” is an expert view of the IT-society at development of separate directions of the IT-activity of companies and technologies, and also perspectives of the branch on the whole. Electronic work book contains graphic information – tables, pictures, graphics, and also multimedia additions – video, referencies to additional information. This is the first example of such a significant issue on the ActiveTextbook platform publishing.

The work book is a collective project of the Club for IT-directors 4CIO. The work on the work book creation started in 2009, when 20 authors and co-authors took part in writing this work book. In the end of 2011 there has been held the first publishing of the work book in a present issue of limited run. In the second version of the work book have been added nine new chapters, including “Corporate management in IT”, “Management of IT-risks”, “Architecture of an enterprise and IT-architecture”, Big Data and others. A range of chapters of the first version of this work book has been significantly reworked and added.

The platform ActiveTextbook is an electronic constructor, simple and easy to use. With its help it is easy to create work books even for those, who are far from programming. ActiveTextbook allows making it very quickly. If needed it is possible to make amendments and changes in the work book.

Dmitry Izmestiev, vice-president on innovations of the Group of companies LANIT: “Advantage of electronic work books, created on the basis of ActiveTextbook are university and multimedia. Such book is easy to read from any device, because there are no limits on operation systems. It is possible to add various video materials, graphics, references on different resources and inquiries quickly. High level and newness of the Company’s developments is approved by the fact that top-managers of large companies – experts of IT-sphere – have chosen such solution from LANIT for their projects”.