Projects’ managing system “Wrike” attracted $10M from the Fund “Bain Capital”

Projects’ managing system “Wrike” attracted $10M from the Fund “Bain Capital”Launched in 2006 Company Wrikle attracted $10M from the Fund Bain Capital. The main mission consists in creation of such situation, in which teams, not depending on whether they work remotely or in one office, could easily and free cooperate.

Creating the online-service for the team work and projects’ management improvement, Wrike started development at its own funds. This was very uncommon for the Silicon Valley, however team of Startup has chosen such strategy in order to stay independent.

“Our team has always knew that we will manage to get any award which we will want to receive, it in only needed to earn it. And the main award for us was the product, which people will like and will everyday use”, - says founder of “Wrikle” Andrey Filev.

At the moment the Company has more than 4000 clients all over the world. Its first investment round the Startup attracted last year from the company TMT Investments.