Maxfield Capital invested in the service Qbaka

Maxfield Capital invested in the service QbakaThe venture Fund Maxfield Capital has invested the service for automatic gathering and analysis of javascript-mistakes of sites Qbaka. Received funds, sum of which is not disclosed, will be directed at active promotion of the product on European and American markets.

Nowadays among users of the service there are more than 1000 developers from 450 companies, including: the largest Internet stores, dating services, information-entertainment portals, analysis services and data storage, etc. According to inner statistics, about 20% of users use paid packs for tracing unlimited amount of mistakes. The free version of Qbaka allows tracing up to 200 mistakes per day.

The service Qbaka has been launched by Russian web-developers in June, 2012. The main service purpose is to help developers of sites and applications in tracing problems in the code javascript. Mistakes in interactive interfaces often lead to loss of users and money. Qbaka provides automatic monitoring and analytics of mistakes in real time without interaction with users.

The service is focused at international market, herewith for Russian users it comprises about 30%. Among customers are developers from USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Finland, Argentina, Czech Republic, Israel, England and many other countries.

By the end of 2013 is planned the official enter into high-competitive markets of Europe and USA accompanied by active marketing company. The Qbaka has in plans widening of sales channels, creation of products, focused at corporate customers and pre-installation of the service in Data-centers.

“Our Fund in interested in projects at early stage, herewith sums vary from several hundreds of thousands till several millions of dollars, and Qbaka is a classical example of a seed project “Maxfield Capital”. – The company has attracted us by a rare at the today market technological effectiveness and determination at global market. Notwithstanding that the service has competitors, competence of team’s embers should help them to overcome difficulties of fact enter and growth of global business. Without investments, and also without help in building a qualitative team and market strategy at a current stage there is no run”.