The “FunNano” Company attracted private investments

The “FunNano” Company attracted private investmentsChief of the company-resident of KRITBI “FunNano” Stanislav Khartov said that “FunNano” received investments in amount of 3M RUB from private business structures. The funds will be directed at commercialization of two developments: optically transparent conducting coatings of a new type, and synthesis of carbon nanotubes.

At the moment in the project - “optically transparent conducting coatings” - the main work of research engineering has been ended, the company intends to pass a stage of a developed technology optimization, and then – prototype production organizing. By the other project – “carbon nanotubes at a flying in a flow catalyzer”, works of “FunNano” are at the stage of research engineering.

“Attracted investments, first of all, are intended for leading the project to a stage of large investments by the first of stated directions, and for ending of research engineering by the second direction”, - specified Stanislav Khartov.

He also added that thanks to attraction in the project private investors, the “FunNano” besides funds receives participation in the project of people with strong business-competence, which will give total project team’s strengthening.

“Interest of private investors to a project is the main factor of its survivability, - noted the minister of investments and innovations Olga Rukhullaeva. – it becomes more evident, that investors believe in young innovation projects of a regional business-incubator. At the moment more than 60% of funds, invested in projects of KRITBI residents, comprise private investments”.

Coatings of the company “FunNano” possess optical transparent and have a high potential for practical value: it could be used for electrically heated and electro-chromic glasses, panels for displays, including sensor (touch-screens), transparent electrodes for organic optical diodes, electronic paper, solar batteries, various optoelectronic devices, protection from electrostatics, etc.