Runa Capital became investor for the platform “Glad citizen”

Runa Capital became investor for the platform “Glad citizen”In the Technology Center Microsoft has been conducted presentation of automated system for work with citizens’ applications, developed by the company “Angry citizen” based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The service “Angry citizen” will get from the Fund “less than $1M”. In return “Runa” takes minority share and one of five places in the Board of Directos.

Presented at the event IT-solution is a platform “Dovolnyi grazhdanin” serves to Institutions, regional Administrations and cities. With the help of intellectual electronic reception, the system allows quickly process incoming citizen’s applications, and automatically route it by executives, without mistakes defining correspondent organization. As a result, with decrease of applications amount, which should be readdressed, significantly decreases load on executives, and users get answers quickly.

The development gives an opportunity to involve citizens in the work of State authorities, thanks to open dialogue at the discussion site, where a user can create own initiative, take part in voting or ask questions to representative of Administration. The platform “Gald citizen” allows evaluating the whole dynamics of citizens’ applications processing, find out the most important problems for people.

Dmitry Kokh, founder and CEO of the company “Angry citizen” stated: “Russian society is eager to solve problems manufacturably. In a partnership with Microsoft has been created a unique product for regions and cities, with help of which we solve a common task – increase of life quality. In the near future we will present an intellectual platform for taking management solutions, which will define “narrow places” in interaction with citizens and help organizations to be more effective”.

By the end of 2014 the company plans to attract not less than 15 departments, 30 cities and more than 300 organizations to solve users’ problems.

Gaidar Magdanurov, investment director of the Fund “Runa Capital” said about global practice in the sphere of such solutions, actuality of startups participation in automation of State document flow, and explained, why the Fund has taken a decision to invest in the presented product: “Most services for gathering citizens’ applications think only about one side of the problem – applications gathering, but the “Angry Citizen” offers solution for those, who will process applications. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM represents a ready solution for automation of interaction processes with clients. “Angry citizen” – is a set of processes under CRM and automation tools for applications acceptance. As a result appears the solution, meeting demands of both sides”.