A new expert seminar of RVC is devoted to forecast of innovations development

A new expert seminar of RVC is devoted to forecast of innovations developmentIn October, 14 in the RVC office in 11am will be conducted the regular expert seminar. Wuth his report will speak the expert of global level Mark Bunger – director on investigations of the corporation “Lux Research” (USA), which makes analytic investigations and consulting in the sphere of new technologies. The leader of the seminar id deputy of director general – executive director of RVC Aleksander Yevgenievich Potapov.

The subject of Mark Bunger’s speech: “Forecast for science, technologies and opportunities for business”. In his report the expert will explain his opinion about the paradigm change of innovation development – age sunset of “Big science”, and will develop a thesis about the fact that nowadays scientific-technological revolution is conducted by enthusiasts teams, which create small startups. Mark will tell how “maker movement” gradually transfers from the sphere of a hobby into industry, which industrial branches firstly will appear approved by this tendency, what should corporations and investors do in these conditions, how to estimate market idea perspectives, aimed at far future, and in what technological directions should be expect the most significant break.

After the speech it is planned to conduct the general discussion with participation of experts.