The team of student in Chili became the winner of the “Intel Global Challenge

The team of student in Chili became the winner of the “Intel Global ChallengeMobile Monitoring Station, a team of student from Chili, became the winner of the 9th annual contest “Intel Global Challenge”, which has been conducted in the University of California in Berkeley. The event is the contest of business-plans, within limits of which participants try to solve important problems with the help of computer technologies. This gives opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills and get recommendations from leading companies and investment Funds of the Silicon Valley.

The team of “Mobile Monitoring Station”, which includes specialists of the company “SoluNova”, the Chili “Coldeco” and the Chili University, has developed a set of portative sensors, which in the real time gather information about biometrical indexes, including pulse rate, industrial workers. Sensors, locating on the workers’ clothes, transfer gathered data to digital devices, including smartphones, which later send it to cloud medium. This solution will be offered as a service, which includes offering of the whole required apparatus and programming software, with monthly payment for each user. The team has taken decision on realization of such projects, basing on lack of statistic data about amount of workers, who are exposed to health risks. Young scientists hope, that sensors will help significantly decrease amount of health risks in the mining industry.

The Fund “Intel Foundation” gave money prizes on the toal amount of $100K, including the main prize in amount of $50K, and three prizes in amount of $10K for teams, who has taken first places in the following categories: Internet-, mobile and programming calculations; calculations for social innovations; and apparatus software and calculations. There have also been presented four special awards in amount of $5K.

Innovation projects of winners in three various categories refer the very different soheres, starting with high technologies, and ending with medicine. The team “Gameleon” from Bulgaria, has developed a cloud platform, which allows all vokunteers to create, distribute in Internet and get profit from web-games. For this purposes are required only a computer and web-browser. No special skills of programming required. Karmashop from Mexico has created a platform for funds gathering, which will allow users adapting the method of donation getting. All participants get special awards “Karma Points”. Thus, for example, within the company, organized by “Karmashop” in order to gather money for suffering from recent flooding in Mexico, participants of the project could offer clothes and goods of prime necessity. The team “Tensive” from Italy has developed implantable biomaterials for bones reconstruction and tissue defects, induces by osteoporosis, traumas or oncotomy. Patented technology will generate blood-vessels of a patient and accelerate essential bones and tissues neogenesis.

The contest “Intel Global Challenge”, which has been conducted in the business school “Haas School of Business” of the University of California in Betkeley, has gatheres 38 teams from more than 20 countries. Teams-finalists have been selected among more than 18 thousand teams from more than 60 countries. Founded in 2005, the contest “Intel Global Challenge” in the University of California in Berkeley represent the joint project Intel” and the Center “Lester Center for Entrepreneurship” of the University of California in Berkeley. The event is called to awake interest of young entrepreneurs in innovation technologies development for solving global problems and creation of new business-models.