“Skolkovo RusInnovations” will provide commercialization of Russian Innovati

 “Skolkovo RusInnovations” will provide commercialization of Russian InnovatiInvestment company “Rye, Man & Gor Securities: RMG” announced about creation and its participation in the Holding’s capital “Skolkovo RusInnovations” (SKRI). SKRI is a new business-model for Russian market, and founded based on success stories of the London Stock Exchange.

Activity of SKRI is directed on commercialization of Russian Innovation technologies under control of the team, which has a great experience in the sphere of finances and technologies in Russia and abroad. Using this experience, in the first half of 2014, SKRI plans emission of shares at the London and Moscow Stock Exchanges with attraction of $250M within the IPO.

Stock exchange listing at once on two fields will allow market participants investing in the wide portfolio of innovation in Russia, diversify their investments and decrease risks at the expense of SKRI investments in projects, which differ from the view of its size and stage, explained the “Rye, Man & Gor Securities”. Offered model helps avoiding traditional for a sector problems, connected with low liquidity, limited enter opportunities and significant terms, required for added value creation.

“Within the limits of the market conditions, many financial investors experience difficulties in resources search of profit increase. Due to objective reasons it is quite difficult to achieve return to own capital, which would satisfy shareholders. We suppose that business-model, offered by SKRI, will provide new earning recourses for Russian and foreign investors”, - commented the event Aleksey Goryachev, president of the “Rye, Man & Gor Securities”.

“According to tasks, set by Russian Government in the sphere of innovation economy development, SKRI contributes to attraction of a wide round of investors to invest funds in development and commercialization of innovation technologies. In many developed countries such investments are the major driver force of the economy growth in the second half of last age. Russia only has to commercialize its absolutely fantastic intellectual capital, - stated Ian Hamphry Smith, director general of the “Skolkovo RusInnovations”. – We hope that SKRI will play the leading role in this process. Based on the foreign experience, it is important to note, that the Government can contribute to creation and development of innovation clusters, but its main growth driver is private sector. SKRI will actively cooperate with many Russian innovation initiatives and development programs”.