The eBay founder will support the disclosure newsmaking

The eBay founder will support the disclosure newsmakingCreator of the Internet-auction Ebay Pierre Omidyar organizes a new media-project. Mr.Omidyar will finance establishment of a new media enterprise, which ex-journalist of the British “The Guardian” Glenn Greenwald plans to create. Mr.Greewald has received the global popularity after he started cooperating with Edward Snowden, and publishing disclosure materials about USA National Security Agency.

There are still no details concerning what this new media project will be devoted to. However according to Mr.Omidyar’s selection of workers it is possible to suppose that activity of the media will somehow refer to lightening the questions on Internet-security: besides the former journalist of the British newspaper “The Guardian” Glenn Greenwald, the team will also include the correspondent of the magazine “The Nation” Jeremy Scahill, and stage-director/documentarian Laura Poitras.

The Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar adores journalism and experiments with various methods of a serious journalism promotion into audience. Recently he tried to create his own news hub, distributed grants to American news publications, sponsored noncommercial journalistic projects in USA; he also created a news site in his own state Hawaii.

Mr.Omidyar writes that he still does not know the appearance of new mass media, besides he does not know the date of its launch. The team of the project will develop of the subject of the Governmental espionage, human rights abuse and other secret questions.