The 4th Don Venture Fair in Rostov-on-Don

The 4th Don Venture Fair in Rostov-on-DonFor the fourth time on the territory of the region has been held the Don Venture Fair – the key event of the region’s venture ecosystem. The event during years of its existence became the specific “barometer”, according to which representatives of venture industry can orient and forecast the economy “climate”.

This time the Don Venture Fair has been held jointly with the 13th Business-Forum, which offered more wide opportunities for building the perspective dialogue between all main players of the venture entrepreneurship: developers, businessmen, consultants, partners of the consulting companies, managers of investment structures, private investors.

Besides the innovation companies, which present its business to investors and professionals of venture market, the Fair has been visited by representatives of the largest financial structures, bank and economy sectors, and also regional authority.

During two days the “VertolExpo” appeared to be a discussion field, at which participants could get acquainted with new technology developments, but also take part in various subject sections, directed on increase of qualification within the limits of venture entrepreneurship and new skills acquisition, which contribute to competent interaction in the sphere of innovation market. In the course of the open dialogue on round tables and discussions within the conferences and symposiums, participants have discussed various fineness and practical questions concerning investments attraction in technological business, building the dialogue with investors and literate enter the market of new products.

The Fair opening started with the Plenary meeting on actual subject “Modern choice of Russia: opening to everything new”. In his greeting speech the director executive of the Russian Association of venture investments Albina Nikkonen underlined that “interest to regional events of such kinds does not decrease. More and more companies try to present its business and become active “Players” on domestic and international market”. She has also noted, that regional Fairs choose more investors as “a place of concentration for perspective projects”.

In the continuation of the Plenary meeting, vice-governor of the Rostov region Sergey Gorban’ noted both progress in innovation development of a region, and lack of development of separate economy branches, particularly in innovation direction. He has also underlined that such format meetings are one of methods for the whole venture society to find points of contact, which could show the way of development for lagging sectors.

Further started work of the congress block, in the format of which have been conducted the subject Conferences of round tables, and also the work of judicial committee, which included Chiefs of managing companies of venture Funds, representatives of the largest development Institutions, private investors and experts in the sphere of entrepreneurship.

In parallel with the exhibition on the territory of “VertolExpo” have been conducted symposiums and subject conferences, specially organized by RVCA with the aim to attract as many as possible starting entrepreneurs to dialogue with representatives of venture Funds and investment companies, and also foreign partners, who will be able to help orienting in the sophisticated labyrinth of financial and strategic aspects of deals leading.

At the final meeting “Modern programs of innovation education in Russia” participants have set the question about what education programs are required to be entered in order young students un the process of education started to understand the whole structure of venture business, and graduating from educational institutions not only could have representative about structure of venture business, but also about practice element of investment deal and about how to make an investment offer. Moreover, in the process of discussion there has been educed a need of fundamental and applied sciences close to modern knowledge-intensive business, in order to create in future a productive cooperation of talented scientists, able to produce effective technologies, entrepreneurs, able to implement this products on the market, and venture investors, eager to support Startups on the way to their development.

The regional Fair once again showed that its actuality does not disappear. Many questions in the process of its conduction raise by market professionals as the most important nowadays, and many of them are left unsolved both sue to lack of attention from the side of various structures, and due to lack of opportunity of the most wide-screen scope of the target audience, which should be implemented in the professional discussion.