In Omsk started the Forum for social entrepreneurs

In Omsk started the Forum for social entrepreneursMore than 600 delegates from 20 regions of Russia, and also representatives from Greece. Italy, Ukraine and Kazakhstan gathered in Omsk to discuss the subject: “Investments in Russians’ life quality”. These delegates included representatives of the Federal Ministries, Funds, noncommercial organizations, businessmen, social entrepreneurs, experts. On the Forum will be demonstrated the most effective tools for support of own business, which have already received recognition on the Federal level.

According to the Ministry of economy of the Omsk region Sergey Vysotsky, nowadays is actively developing the social direction, and the Government and regions, which are aimed to decrease social load on the budget, herewith creating alternative variants, are interested in it. They mean private organizations which together with the State Institutions could help in social problems solving.

According to specialists, the Omsk region one of the first started to develop this direction, organizing the school of social entrepreneurs, and also opening the Center of Innovations for social sphere, which is called to create corresponding infrastructure, become the point of initiatives, educating and consultation center. This experience is already used in 15 subjects of Russian Federation.

At the moment our graduates have opened 355 places in private pre-school educational Institutions, - said the Chief of the Center Irina Serbina. – By the end of the year we plan to double this amount. In Tara has started to work the private pensionate for old people. In the Odessa region has been launched the project of public welfare homes building. This experience has been presented by us on the Sochi Forum to the country management, and now we will present it to the Omsk Forum participants.

According to Chief of Innovation Center of social sphere, which is called to create corresponding infrastructure, Inna Serbina, nowadays in the center are educated 98 people. More than 80 of them have already become graduates, each second of which started in a social business. More than 55M RUB has been invested in these projects realization; herewith private investments comprised 60%. All the projects are self-supporting.

On the Forum there will be working the exhibition, which will become the field for demonstration of concrete already acting models, which are worth copying. In the format of round tables specialists will discuss problems, which social entrepreneurs have to solve. They will talk about the trend of financial and bank products market development for this sphere, and legislative base condition. One more question, which the participants of the Forum are intended to raise is need to create the State Fund for support social business innovations.