A group of developers from USA has won in the Award RUSNANOPRIZE-2013

A group of developers from USA has won in the Award RUSNANOPRIZE-2013 The committee of International award in the sphere of nanotechnologies RUSNANOPRIZE has defined laureates of the year 2013 on direction “Nanomaterials and modification of a surface”. Laureates are: honorary professor pf the Massachusetts technology Institute Robert Langer and professor of the Harvard Medical School Omid Farokzad for the development of a technology of nanoparticles application in medicine.

Professor Langer and professor Farokzad have created combined nanoparticles, surface of which is covered with biological ligands, that is, molecules, specifically recognizing targets in the organism, for example, surface of cancer cells. The inner side of nanoparticles comprises biologically inert polymer, which connects acting agent, for example, docetaxel, which traditionally is used for cancer chemotherapy. Such particles circulate in the blood and stay on, which means that they are collected around a tumor cells. Based on this technology, in particular, are created medicals for brain tumors treatment, which difficultly are treated with traditional medicals.

Laureats’ developments are situated across biotechnology and sciences on materials. Thus investigations by the professor Langer have started works in the sphere of biomaterials and application of nanomaterials for medicine and biology. Besides developments of biocompatible polymers, which create delivery systems of medicaments with controlled release, and synthesized polymers for tissue engineering, he has created many other new biomaterials, such as polymers with the effect of a shape memory, and materials with switch-mode surface.

Laureate of the Award for development commercialization by professors Lanfer and Farokzad will also become the American company “Bind Therapeutics Inc.”, which develops a new class of high-tech medicals of addressed and programmed action “Accurins”.

The award ceremony of laureates RUSNANOPRIZE-2013 will be conducted in November, 1 at the Moscow International Forum of innovation development “Open Innovations”.