Startups from 21 countries will fight for victory in the “Web Ready-2013:Inte

Startups from 21 countries will fight for victory in the “Web Ready-2013:InteThere have been summarized results on the contest of projects in the sphere of Internet- and mobile technologies “Web Ready”. On the whole there have been filed 715 applications from 100 cities and 21 countries in order to take part in the contest this year. This is the best index on quantity of projects for the whole history of this contest (584 applications in 2012). During 5 years of the “Web Ready” conduction, the amount of participants achieved 2734 projects.

Most projects represent Moscow and Moscow region (234), Saint-Petersburg and North-East (134), Siberia (47) and Tatarstan (44).

Leaders among foreign countries traditionally became Ukraine (41) and Belarus (21). On the whole from abroad have been applied 90 applications, representing almost all continents and parts of the world.

The most popular nomination became nomination for Seed projects “Seed” (442 projects), two times less than in monetized services in nomination “Startup” (215), 17 projects have filed applications in nomination “Growth” for success stories, 41 applications in a special nomination for playing projects “Game Ready”.

The most popular directions of projects became SaaS (software as a service), and also services, which simplify users’ common life (from the taxi order to health condition diagnostics and monitoring). On such projects comes 18% and 16% from the whole amount of applications correspondingly. The third place takes direction of solutions and applications for mobile devices (14%). Further follow projects in the sphere of data processing and storage (12%), solutions for e-commerce (11%) and social media (11%).

Almost 60% of all projects (425) have been launched in 2013.

More than 500 projects (70%) are aimed at global International market, and less than third part of projects plan to work only at local market (within one country or region). By the market type prevail B2C (38%) and B2B (34%).

A list of participants of the “Web Ready” final in the main and additional nominations will be published in November, 1. After this there will be conducted the educational program in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg for semi-finalists in nominations “Seed” and “Startup”. The final of the contest in the format of investment Forum will be conducted in November, 29 in Hypercube “Skolkovo”.

“Web Ready” is conducted for the fifth time with support of the Ministry of communications and mass media of the Russian Federation “Skolkovo”. Communication partner of the contest is “MegaLabs”, technological partner – corporation “Intel”, partner on information security – “Kaspersky Laboratory”.