The Startup with audio-guides library “TourPal” attracted $1M

The Startup with audio-guides library “TourPal” attracted $1MThe Startup “TourPal”, which has created the homonymous application for travelers with the library of audio-guides, attracted investments in amount of $1M from private business-angels. Attracted investments the company plans to use for the development of recommendations option and support of the Android-version launch.

The main peculiarity of the “TourPal” application, available for devices based on iOS and Android, is a set of paid audio-guides. The application itself is available for free download, and except audio-guides, which are possible to be purchased in the process of the “TourPal” use, it offers local maps online and offline. Approximately 250 various audio-excursions in 70 countries all over the world are available at the base of this application on 8 languages.

The “TourPal” contains recommendations about places of interest, popular restaurants and other. Recommendations are created with the help of users’ data, including from social services Instagram, Foursquare and Facebook.

The application from iOS, downloaded more than 150 thousand times, has been launched a year ago and updated in June, 2013. The version for Android has been launched a week ago. On the whole there has been sold about a thousand of paid audio-tours.