NBAA will instruct on proper venture investment deals at early stages execut

 NBAA will instruct on proper venture investment deals at early stages executIn November 4-16, 2013 in the API Moscow for the first time will be conducted the pilot launch of specialized licensed program of preparation for starting business-angels and entrepreneurs to execution of venture investment deals at early stages, developed by the National Business Angels Association (NBAA) jointly with Moscow Managing School ‘Skolkovo” in association of “RVC”, JSC.

During the course development there have been used results of the realized in financial support of European committee by consortium of European organizations of venture investors at early stages of two projects - Ready4Equity! and Ready4Equity!II, and also other analogues programs and projects.

The program is focused on development of professionalism of the main participants of the venture investments at early stages market – individual investors (business-angels) and entrepreneurs. According to NBAA estimations in Russia annually are executed thousands of investment venture deals at early stages. Most of such deals are executed between nonprofessional individual venture investors (business-angels) and companies at its early development stage, part of which realize innovation high-tech projects. In connection with active development of Russian economy, including its innovation sectors, even in the average perspective (5-7 years) the amount of such type deals will achieve dozens thousands per year.

Herewith one of the major success factors in search of investors of the project for investment, and also preparation quality and structuring of venture deal at early stage and further constructive interaction between entrepreneur and investor is a level of its base readiness to such type of cooperation.

Three key elements of the program “Ready for Equity”:
• The complex program, which meets market demands and filling the existing gap in systematic education of starting business-angels.
• High-professional trainers and invited speakers, possessing experience, authority and charisma.
• Contribution to opportunities of interaction of trainers and invited speakers with participants, and also establishing partner relations between participants.