“Technopolis GS” has been recognized the best private Russian technopark

“Technopolis GS” has been recognized the best private Russian technoparkIn October, 29 in Moscow has been conducted the Second Summit of Technoparks in Russia “Technopark 2.0: Resources for Russian Technoparks development”. The “Technopolis GS” became the winner in nomination “The technopark development model in the sphere of high technologies with private capital attraction”. There has been awarded the innovation cluster for success in the technopark infrastructure development, in creation the new working places and contribution to the region’s cluster development.

Representative of the Holding “GS Group” has spoken at the round table “The best innovation practice of innovation infrastructure organizing in Russia” with its presentation “Technopolis GS”: from industrial park to creation of innovation infrastructure”. The basis of the project development is its manufacturing zone – for five years from the very beginning the Technopolis became the largest employer of the town Gusev, and one of the cluster’s enterprises – the largest in Russia manufacturer of mass consumer electronics with two percent of the digital TV-set top box global market. This year the Holding “GS Group” started active development of innovation infrastructure. The Chief of the marketing service Andrey Bezrukov notes that the Government’s participation for the project’s success is not obligatory.

“As against from the main mass of Russian technoparks, whose task is to correctly spend the Federal money, our task is to continuously create inside the “GS Group” business the growth point of its diversification and further development”, - comments Andrey Bezrukov.

The venture Fund “GS Venture” is the central element of the established infrastructure. Investments of GS Venture” comprise from 500K to 300M RUB in a separate Startup. The total amount of funds that the “GS Group” directs on the venture projects financing in 2013-2014 is 1.5B RUB.

The important part of the “Technopolis GS” innovation development became work with educational institutions: in 2013 the first graduates of joint master programs have received diplomas, secondary technical education is developed in Gusev, has been the complex professional-orientation program “GS Prof”.

“Having experience of mass production of high-technology electronics, we allow young teams not only gather prototype, but also calculate the business-model of mass product, and also receive access to the most modern technologies due to International cooperation”, - underlined Andrey Bezrukov.

The main aim of the summit is to present a new vision of technoparks implementation in the country’s economy development, and discuss modern approaches to building the stable model of the technoparks business. The Summit “Technopark 2.0.” is a part of a complex program for specialists qualification increase in technoparks and business-incubators. The program has been launched in spring, 2013 by the RVC initiative. The program operator is Innovation Center of the National Research University “Higher School of Economics”. On the whole within the program limits it is planned to conduct not less than 10 events for 200 specialists of technoparks and business-incubators from 15 Russian regions.