Prostor Capital and invested $3M in the AdMoment

Prostor Capital and invested $3M in the AdMomentRussian venture Fund Prostor Capital jointly with the Fund, Fastlane Ventures and European business-angels, invested $3M in the company-developer of the platform for advertisement campaigns conduction AdMoment. The deals details are not disclosed. Received investments will be directed on realization of active marketing strategy and additional work of data processing algorithms, which will allow increasing the accuracy of conversion forecasting for each advertisement show.

At the moment the company AdMoment is the Russian player, focused on the market of mobile and RTB-advertising. Principal difference of the AdMoment technology is the opportunity to purchase mobile traffic by Smart method, clearly targeting users data, and realizing shows for relevant audience. Due to aimed targeting, the efficiency of advertising announcement and advertising campaign increase on the whole.

The basis of the AdMoment technology is own-developed RTB-platform, which allows automatically select affective for target audience applications for advertisers. Initially this task solution has been very complicated due to absence of cookie files in mobile applications, which allow tracing users activeness in Internet-browsers, informed in the Company. The technology AdMoment makes shows of advertising announcements according to situational request: a special algorithm interprets users context with account of various parameters from the place of its distribution to the type of used application, compares data with the advertisers rask, and defines the shows practicability.

The most problematic questions, which try to solve advertisers, is how to increase efficiency of advertising investments, - said Konstantin Rosset, director general and co-founder of the AdMoment. How to make sure in the fact that your advertising announcement achieves true consumer and makes it at the required for this moment? The AdMoment has solved this problem, learning to use data from mobile users and achieve focus groups at the required for them time and suitable situation. For example, our platform, analyzing the request time and location of a private, can define that at the moment he listens to the jazz music in the club or sits at the stadium, watching the football match. Herewith it will never offer to drink coll water in December to the Siberian citizens.

According to Aleksey Soloviev, managing director of the Prostor Capital, the market of mobile advertising possesses a huge, not yet mastered potential. According to our forecasts, by 2017 it will reach 1B. Growth drivers are evident: the first total growth of digital advertisement, which comprises almost 20% of the whole advertising industry capacity (1,2M from 7M). The second technologies convergence, radical change of the mobile devices role in our life, which makes us spending more time at it. Even now it takes about two hours per day. And now it is required to be included in this trend, catch the moment, and the AdMoment has done it.

According to the AdMoment, which has been founded in 2012, at the moment the company purchases the most huge traffic volume for mobile applications at Russian market: every month the system processes about 5 billion of requests, and the Companys earning increases 20% per month and more.