The “Skolkovo” residents are getting ready to Slush-pitches

The “Skolkovo” residents are getting ready to Slush-pitchesMaksim Yatskovsky, director technical of the “FRUCT MD”, which in the team of “Skolkovo” residents’ delegation goes at the SLUSH in Helsinki (on the whole there will be send about 35 teams in the Finland capital next week), in interview has told that he is ready to hard pitches format of SLUSH. And very counts on the Fund support, where it is possible to present the company more thoroughly.

Thus us why: Startupers at the Slush in the first main pitch-session will have only two minutes for presentations. The amount of projects, which will pass the investors’ and experts’ estimation, is very great. But further the conversation will be continued with those, who has already “caught” pitch at the “Skolkovo” Fund stand. Maksim Yatskovsky and his colleagues, who for the first time will go at the SLUSH, will feel better, because they are participants of the Russian-Finnish association of open innovations “FRUCT”. This association of technologies for “mHealth” developers includes several Finnish Universities. Besides, simultaneously with the SLUSH in Helsinki will be conducted the Russian-Finnish scientific conference of digital medicine, said Maksim Yatskovsky.

“Last year, I think, we were too young to go at the SLUSH, - said the technical director of the “FRUCT MD”, then we have decided to get ready to the contest final of the “Skolkovo M.D.”. In that contest the Association FRUCT has won. This time the company decided to try its efforts at the SLUSH basically. “We will try to present the company at pitch, and, perhaps, we will manage to demonstrate equipment, and hope to continue conversation more detailed at the Skolkovo stand, at the second part we will show more pictures”, - said Maksim Yatskovsky.