Results of the II Moscow International Forum Open Innovations

Results of the II Moscow International Forum Open InnovationsFor the second year Open Innovations become the largest in Russia and one of the most scaled in the world event, which demonstrates the main trends and key achievements in innovation spheres of economics. Within the limits of the Forum has been held the Exhibition Open Innovations Expo, exposition of which became a unique field for leading developments and technologies field, experience exchange for successful realization of innovative projects, and also effective interaction between the Government, science and business. This year the interest to the Forum has increased significantly, - noted the Moscow Governor Sergey Sobyanin, who opened the event.

The meaning of the Forum Open Innovations for the development of global market of innovations and leading technology solutions does not leave any doubts it is enough to get acquainted with the list of main guests. In the Forum work took part Chiefs of the Governments of Russia, Finland and France Dmitry Medvedev, Jurki Katainen and Jean-Marc Ayrault. They have met with representatives of innovartion, entrepreneurial and scientific society, participants of youth program 100 innovators, and the real-time mode they have discussed national strategies of leadership in the hyperconnected world. The discussion on the topic has been conducted at the plenary meeting, speaking at which the Prime-Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev said that the Russian Federation Government has confirmed the strategy of innovation development of the country till 2020. We expect that in the result of its realization since 2015 innovations will add about one percent point in our economic growth, - noted Dmitry Medvedev.

Experts of the global level have mage the subject of conducted within the Forum discussions. Intellectual producer of Open Innovations this year became the most authoritative in business rounds publication MIT Technology Review. The main editor and publisher, Chairman of the MIT Enterprise Forum Jason Pontin in its speech at the plenary meeting of the second day of the Forum hasunderlined, that Innovations create new ways of business leading. These are new products and business-processes, creating concrete improvements. According to him, if now 15% of production of the summarized cost of $2,6T is connected to nanotechnologies, then by 2020 already 100% of the global production will be connected to nanotechnologies. Jason Pontin is sure that this means the opportunity for Russia with its traditionally serious positions in chemistry, physics and mathematics, to create new material ages. Russia invests in the nanotechnology structure more than USA and Great Britain, anf in the neat future this will become one of its advantages, - sayd the Chief editor of the MIT Enterprise Forum.

Several years ago we have made choice in favor of modernization and innovation development. Five-seven years ago with great difficulty we have found single companies and investigation groups, able to present high-quality developments. We have chosen from dozens of products and investigations. Nowadays we have a choice from thousands of groups, Startups, specialists, products, concrete technologies, - noted, continuing the ideaof Jasn Pontin deputy Government Chairman of Russia Arkady Dvorkovich. According to him, nowadays hundreds of Russian Companies can present results to investors, and dozens of them have already developed its first millions. The vivid image to the words of Arkady Dvorkovich became activity within the limits of the Forum business program.

On the Forum have been summarized results of the second national rating of Russian high-tech fast-developing companies TechSuccess-2013. From 100 domestic technologically developed companies 50 have been chosen, medium growth rates of which comprised 72%. The summarized earning of companies, entering the TOP-50 TechSuccess-2013 comprised 67,1B RUB, among which expenses for R&D is 5,6B RUB, expenses on technological innovations comprised 11,427B RUB.

Within the International Forum Open Innovations there has been opened a new production. The company Crocus Nanoelectronics, joint enterprise ROSNANO and Crocus Technology, has started production of magnet-resistance memory. Total amount of investments in the project comprise 200M, including co-financing of ROSNANO in amount of 100M. The Crocus Nanoelectronics became the first residentof the future microelectronic cluster. The production construction of the company Crocus Nenoelectronics on the territory of the Technopolis Moscow is one of examples of ROSNANO cooperation and the Moscow Government, which develops on the territory of former AZLK a unique field for high-tech companies. It is expected that amount of the total market for the projects products appliance in 2014 will increase $8B.

During two days of the Forum Open Innovations work and the Exhibition Open Innovations Expo there have been executed more than three dozens of agreements on cooperation in avia-cosmic, chemistry and IT-branches, and also in the sphere of education, competence increase, ecosystem improvement and business development.

Vnesheconombank, the Skolkovo Fund and the BPIFrance Financement SA have agreed on cooperation with the aim of assistance to implementation of French companies as residents of the Innovation center Skolkovo. The agreement foresees insurance security of French business from possible economic risks in Russia, covering up to 50% of possible losses. One more agreement has been executed between the Vnesheconombank and the BPI-Groupe SA. The aim of this agreement is development and provision of realization of joint programs on financing support of small and medium business. Our sphere can become the innovation hub in the center of Europe. We count on attraction of new venture investments thanks to this agreement. For participation in one of the nearest international projects on Startups, besides Russian companies, we plan to attract innovators from Poland, Lithuania and Germany, - announced in connection with the execution of the agreement the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kaliningrad region Development Corporation, JSC Yevgeny Mikhailov.

The Russian Venture Company (RVC) and the Finnish business-accelerator Startup Sausa have executed the Memorandum on mutual understanding. Twice per uear the Startup Sauna organizes programs for young technology companies from countries of North and East Europe. The work within the limits of this agreement will contribute to increase of the amount of innovation projects, increase of transparency and publicity of venture funds and innovation companies activity, - said director general of the RVC Igor Agamirzyan. The RVC and the largest European aerospace and defense concern EADS have agreed on technologies transfer and creation of the center, which will execute functions of technology broker with rendering engineering services. The EADS opens portfolio of new technologies, in which there will be gathered more than 30 thousand patents.

The Forum has been visited by more than 4000 participants from 47 countries. As guest of honour the Forum visited Embassadors and foreign delegations from 22 countries, Russian and foreign Ministers and their deputies, 28 governors of the Russian Federation subjects. About 900 representatives of mass media lightened the Forum work.

In the course of the key subject discussion of the Forum 2013 Game Changers at three plenary meetings and more than 60 events of sections have spoken about 400 speakers: leaders of Russian and foreign autho rity structures, science and business, representatives of leading global companies and organizations, significantly changing rules at a global market.

At the conducted Exhibition Open Innovations Expo 2013 have been presented more than 1000 technology developments, held 80 events, including openings of plants, technologies demonstrations, agreements executions, presentations and work-shops. Exponents of the exhibition presented 2 countries 9France and Finland) and 23 subjects of the Russian Federation. The exhibition has been visited by 10 thousand people.

The Third Moscow International Forum of Innovation development Open Innovatios and the Exhibition Open Innovations Expo will be conducted in October, 30 November, 1 2014.