“Skolkovo” working place is equal to a dozen of “common” working places

“Skolkovo” working place is equal to a dozen of “common” working placesDuring the chairmanship of Russia in the top-20 the target group “Innovation development as a global priority” Business-20 have prepared recommendations, thus it is better to develop innovation for the growth of global economy and what main priorities is required to pay attention. The Chairman of the target group, Chief of the Board of Directors of the Group of Companies “Renova”, the President of the Fund “Skolkovo” Viktor Vekselberg has told to RIA Novosti about the work of the target group.

- Which main offers provides your group?

- We have developed recommendations, which not only meet interests of separate States, but also help to overcome a gap between developed and developing countries. Our group, which includes representatives of 40 international innovation companies and leading global experts from various regions, emphasized four priorities from the point of view effective growth of countries economics based on innovations.

The first priority is energetic and energy-efficiency. Due to complicated and unproportional access of countries to energy resources exists need of applying new more improved, based on innovations, technologies of energy getting and supply, and also creation of wide energy infrastructure for citizens of developed regions. Besides, it is required to consider security questions in the sphere of energetic, for example, nuclear.

The priority number two – biotechnologies, including production of provisions, but first of all – medicine and healthcare. Healthcare became not only social, but also economical category. During the pass age, the medium life duration in developed countries significantly increased. This, in its turn, positively influenced the economical growth. But at the moment the humanity meets such diseases as cancer, AIDS, diabetes. Expenses at its treatments will increase faster than GNP, and this created threat to stable Governments’ development.

The top-20 Governments should stimulate pass from absolutely demographic indexes, from medium life duration to focusing on population health quality.

The third priority is information technologies. Nowadays computers became required part of people’s life. And here the Government, creating conditions for development of information-communication infrastructure, plays a key role in provision of access to information both for separate users, and socially important economy sectors. This is why depending on how countries can regulate this sphere, depends a level of information getting, for example, in the sphere of education.

And, the fourth priority – transformation of the intellectual property regulation. Due to the fact than innovations mostly depend on achievements of last years, it is very important to find balance between inventor’s rights to get profit from own openings and interests of innovation openings.

Solution of the technologies access problem, knowledge and leading experience, will be very important for the economy countries development. According to our opinion, it is required to review the existing global mode of intellectual property for basis innovations widening and support of fair trading at global high-tech markets. A new order of regulation will allow overcoming disbalance in the global economy.

All these problems are not immediate, but long-term, and it is necessary to solve in order to fight with global challenges.