The “Skolkovo” Fund started applications taking from candidates in experts

The “Skolkovo” Fund started applications taking from candidates in expertsThe “Skolkovo” Fund starts once again the process of applications taking from candidates in experts, and invites all interested members of the innovation society to apply documents.

The widening of the experts panel in connected with entering in action of the upgraded order on interaction with experts. This document has been taken with the aim of attracting to work the project “Skolkovo” of additional amount of professionals, specialization of which corresponds to innovation priorities of the Fund. The result of this event will become quality increase of projects’ preparation in grants attraction, more exact formation of the products focus and strategy on entering the market.

Besides, there has been specified a range of requirements to candidates. Herewith the Fund keeps relations with the acting experts, selected within the previous procedures.

The upgraded order enters an opportunity of getting a status of expert in existence of recommendations from acting members of the expert panel of the Fund, but herewith foresees also the system of rating by means of estimations putting to anonymous work of experts.

Thanks to upgraded procedures, we plan to significantly increase work of the expert pool and enter the system of experts’ rating, which will allow us making its rotation – commented newness director of the granting service pf the “Skolkovo” Fund Kirill Bulatov.

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