The Company “101StartUp” acquired 25% of the “Fishki.Net” for $1,2M

The Company “101StartUp” acquired 25% of the “Fishki.Net” for $1,2MThe Company “101StartUp” has acquired 25% of the “Fishki.Net” for $1,2M. The “Fishki.Net” is Russian-language entertainment portal, content at which is distributed by users themselves – every day hundreds of posts are published. This is the second portfolio company of the “101StartUp”, the first one was the “Anews” – a free media—platform for reading mass media and social networks use.

“As compared to the “Anews”, the “Fishki” for a long time are popular in, - said one of the founders of the “101StartUp” Mikhail Gurevich. – One of the first entertainment sites of the Russian-language network. Each day on the resource pages are published hundreds of various histories, gathered by Internet users”.

Mikhail Gurevich has already owned 10% of the “”, and for this reason he has not voted when taking decision about investments, but “strongly recommended our investors to pay attention to the project”.

Thanks to investments from the “101StartUp”, the “Fishki” can realize numerous newnesses in the project. The main accent will be replaced for convenient of creating the entertainment multimedia content by the resource users’ themselves. Realization of a new strategy will allow significantly increasing the audience, and, as a result, attractiveness for advertisers.

There will be launched a new mobile version of the project, developed and implemented new opportunities for users, - said Mr.Gurevich. The project appears to be a modern entertainment blog, devoted to life of Russian-speaking network users.

“Within the preparation to the deal, there has been conducted a principal rebranding of the “Fishki”. There has been made change of technology platform, design and ideology of the resource. I advise everybody, who for a long time has not visited the “Fishki”, to visit the site and estimate changes. I hope you will like it. And if not, then give us more time, because we continue the program of improvements, which are made under control of Andrey Zubrilov”, - notes Mikhail Gurevich.