Dropbox wants more $250M from investors

Dropbox wants more $250M from investorsThe popular service “Dropbox” wants to attract in the near weeks the regular financing from investors, - informs the publication “Bloomberg Businessweek”. The company estimates itself approximately in $8B, while it wants to attract from investors not less than $250M.

Analytics say that the round of venture financing “Dropbox” can become the regular test for ability to money generation in the sphere of Internet-companies. Herewith All investors agree that nowadays cost of American Internet-companies increased, and its capitalization is weakly correlated with real approaches, when any other hint at positive is a cause to grow capitalization more and more.

Thus, recently investors have estimated “Twitter” in more than $20B while the company is unprofitable. The “Pinterest” just started to draw a business-model, but costs $3,8B already.