The technological forum will be put on a regular base

The technological forum will be put on a regular baseIn Novosibirsk has been ended the first International Forum of technological development “TECHNOPROM-2013”. According to vice-premier of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Rogozin on the forum, enterprises of the Novosibirsk technopark jointly with Institutes of the SB RAS work on directions, which are featured for the sixth mode. For example, biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, new materials, macromechanics, cognitive membrane and quantum technologies, genome engineering, virtual reality and thermonuclear energetics.

“On the whole we have always had our own feature of having fundamental science, but we could not manage to use developments of this science. This is why for us it is very important to change this situation, make the way that any newness would be created consciously, in the interests of State fundamental programs, herewith due to mechanisms of PPP everything immediately has been implemented”, - said Dmitry Rogozin.

In Russia prevail technologies of the fourth mode, considers vice-premier. In the near dozen years a very difficult task should be solved – appear in the sixth technological mode, not entering into fifth. And the Novosibirsk region, according to his words, is the nearest to such pass.

Dmitry Rogozin noted that defense research should concentrate on creation of equipment and technique, because this branch is a engine of nowadays progress. In his microblog in Twitter vice-premier informed that “Technoprom-2014” will be devoted to questions of navigation system GLONASS development.