“Rosnano” invested $10M in Israel routers’ manufacturer

“Rosnano” invested $10M in Israel routers’ manufacturer“Rosnano”, JSC entered the capital of the Israel company “Compass-EOS”, which produces routers of a new age. Among invested by “Rosnano” $10M not less than $3M will be spent on creation of the design-center in Russia. Its funds decided to invest other investors - Comcast Ventures, Cisco, Pitango Venture Capital, Benchmark Capital, Northbridge Venture Partners and Marker LLC, and the large American Fund of direct investments.

The “Compass-EOS” attracts investments of the largest International investors since 2006. It creates high-productive routers of a new age. In March, 20013 the company produced a router “r10004”, announcing about start of commercial supplies of its routers.

In their production the technology “icPhotonics”, based on the electrical principal of data transfer. Information is distributed at the level of separate chips with help of electronic-photonic coupling. Uniqueness of a technology consists in the fact that it allows a router consuming significantly lesser amount of energy and decreases volume of electronic components. Such router is also possible to support high speed of data transfer and capacity.