RVC has renewed the Development strategy and presented Focus area for 2014/16

RVC has renewed the Development strategy and presented Focus area for 2014/16The RVC presented the renewed “Development strategy of the RVC, JSC” (up to 2020) and “Focus area of the RVC, JSC” for 2014-2016 years.

Need of development strategy adjustment became obvious after modern situation analysis on venture market of Russia and in innovation segment of the country economy on the whole. During the last three-four years the Russian venture market has been established: according to the RVC experts, in 2012 the total volume of venture deals in Russia achieved 30-32B RUB. Complex efforts of the Government, RVC and other Development Institutions and representatives of business society on establishment of national venture industry gave positive results: venture investment market in the Russian Federation, which several years ago has not yet existed, is now formed.

Estimating activity results of the RVC during 2011-2013 years, it is necessary to note one of important achievements – increase of private capital income in venture branch. Confirmation of this fact is a great decrease of capital offer on the market from the side of RVC for the last three years in partial calculation (in significant growth of absolute values). This means that thanks to activity growth of private investors and launch of mechanisms of market production, domestic industry of venture investments does not depend on one and the only resource of financing – the Government.

One of the main activity directions of the RVC in the mid-term will become correction of the established market of venture investments at priority directions.

Such focus is defined by problems assembly, with which in its development meets young Russian venture market. First of all the question is about structure disproportions, which conditionally can be shared on staging (noticeable capital shortage, available at seed and pre-seed stages), and sectional (a very high share of Internet projects, specifically in the segment of electronic commerce – while significant insufficiency of projects in other branches). It has its place also the “problem of scale”: a share of Russian innovation business (products and services) in GDP of the country comprises, according to various estimations, from 11 to 15% against 30 and more percent – in developed countries.

This is why the main strategic aim of the “RVC, JSC for a period of 2014-2016 and further till 2010 is provision with taking into consideration the Governmental priorities based on effective private-public partnership of balanced staging and branching structure of Russian venture market, its stable growth of globalization. As a global aim the company’s management defines: volume increase and acceleration of growth rates of the Russian Federation venture market for increase of competitiveness of the innovation sector of the country economy in International scale. Thus, it is expected that by 2016 the total volume of Funds and venture sections of direct investment Funds, acting on Russian market, will comprise not less than 300B RUB.

“Competitiveness in the world is strengthening, and speed of technological changes increases each year, - says Igor Agamirzyan, director general of Chairman of the “RVC”, JSC Management. – Follow the global trends, using scientific, technological and staff potential, - is practically non-alternative way for Russia, in order to become the full-member participant of the existing society of innovation-active developed countries. The Russian Federation should start transfer from the stage of innovation sector establishment to its dynamic development, correction and harmonization. These tasks will define activity of the RVC in the near years. Herewith the main priorities for the RVC and other Development Institutions become scales increase of the innovation sector of the RF economy, its penetration in traditional branches of economy, speed and quality of plans, programs and tasks realization, and on the whole – the Government strategy on establishment of innovation socially-oriented economy”.

“It is evident that scaled aims and tasks, formed in “Focus area of the “RVC”, JSC for the years 2014-2016” will required from the company significant efforts, - emphasizes Anna Belova, the Chairman of the RVC Board, - the special attention will be paid to mechanisms development for new partners involvement in innovation-technological process – the large Russian and foreign corporations, investors of all types, including International, and also young technological companies”.

The “RVC” plans to render active developing influence on industry of venture investment and the whole innovation sector of the country economy on the whole thanks to development and appliance of the balanced set of tools – both financial and non-financial, which will add each other. Herewith the RVC experience shows that in many cases use of non-financial tools is able to effectively influence the market.

“Focus area of the RVC for 2014-2016 significantly became results of collective work both of the RVC and expert society – representatives of authorities, science, education and business, - notes Roman Kosyachkov, director on strategic development, deputy Chairman of the RVC Board. – Many direct participants of the innovation process have been attracted to establishment of Focus area – technological entrepreneurs, business-angels, venture investors, workers of development institutions, business-incubators and technoparks, top-managers of leading Russian and foreign companies and many others. And, first of all, the most useful are recommendations on activation of growing resources of innovation economy of the Russian Federation, which could be formed in the course of work”.

Focus area of the RVC for 2014-2016: http://www.rusventure.ru/ru/company/legal_basis/directions_RVC_2014_2016.pdf