Scientists received a large grant for creating condoms from graphene

Scientists received a large grant for creating condoms from grapheneA group of scientists of the Manchester University (Great Britain) received a grant from the Fund of Bill and Melinda Gates in amount of $100K, which will be spend to development of condoms using grapheme. Researches will add grapheme to polymer material like latex, which makes contraceptives thinner and firm, which is, according to scientists’ opinion, will contribute to feelings strengthening.

For the first time graphene, which million times harder than diamonds and thinner than human hair, has been received in the Manchester University in 2004 by researches of Russian origin Lonstantin Novoselov and Andrey Geim. However from the moment of its opening many skeptics not once asked questions about possible application sphere of the material.

Since that time the team received more than 7 000 international patents on development of technologies by its application.

At the moment specialists plan to use graphene in production of mobile phones’ screens, chemical probes, products package.