The Turkish “Bozlu” will invest 400M RUB in “Skolkovo” medicine

The Turkish “Bozlu” will invest 400M RUB in “Skolkovo” medicineThe Fund “Skolkovo” in November, 2013 has executed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Turkish Holding “Bozlu”, which combines several organizations, working in the sphere of healthcare on markets of Europe, Asia and Africa. Structures of the Holding specialize on the sphere of diagnosis, radiotherapy, production of radiopharmmedicine for definition and treatment of cancerous diseases.

Executive director of the Nuclear technologies Cluster of the “Skolkovo” Igor Karavaev informed that cooperation between “Skolkovo” and the “Bozlu” “will allow replicating successful experience of the “Bozlu” in the sphere of radiation medicine on Russian market of healthcare”. In Turkey amount of centers, which provide population with services of positron emission tomography and radioisotopic examination for diagnosis and treatment of cancerous diseases, is several times higher than in Russia, notes Mr.Karavaev.

The “Bozlu” promises to open on the territory of “Skolkovo” the R&D Center, where there will be conducted investigations in the sphere of molecular diagnosis, calibration measurement of equipment and measurements of systems for patient’s protection when treatment. According to data of Igor Karavaev, the complete functioning of the Center should start during 3 years. At the first stage is planned to distribute 15 specialists at the area of 1100 sq.m. During 4 years the Turkish company intends to invest in the project more than 400M RUB.