Experts have discovered peculiarities of the investment process for corporate

Experts have discovered peculiarities of the investment process for corporateIn November 21, 2013 there has been conducted the forth consultation session “Investment process”. The event ends the cycle of educating sessions for pilot teams within the project “Practice of creation the corporate venture funds in Russian companies”. It started in 2013 with the aim of increasing managers’ competencies of large companies in questions of corporate venture investment by the Club of Directors on science and innovations (iR&Dclub) jointly with the “RVC”, JSC with support of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation.

On the session as experts have been invited specialists of acting Funds, which invest in industrial innovations: Anna Nenakhova, director on investments of the Fund “VEB Innovations”; Aleksey Belyakov, Partner of the venture Fund I2BF Global Ventures; Konstantin Nadenenko, director on venture investments of the Managing company “Leader”; Ilya Pavlov, Investment director of the “Bright Capital”.

On examples of their funds experts have discovered peculiarities of the investment process, comparison of the investment process in Funds with private and government capitals, especially projects search, conduction of the “Due Dilligence” and many other interesting questions.

On the session has also spoken Maksim Bunyakin, managing director of the legal practice “Branan legal”, who told about the unique experience in the sphere of control system construction for target expenses of investment funds. For participants of the session it was very interesting, because advantageous majority of them are representatives of the Government corporations, where the important role pays regulation of tracing target investments, which exist in the Fund and will be invested in portfolio companies.

There has been conducted the round table in the end of the event on discussing cases in the sphere of corporate venture funds in Russia. On the round table has been presented a short collection of cases, which in December, 5 will be presented at the First Moscow corporate venture summit. There also has spoken Dmitry Polyakov, deputy head of the Fund “Softline Venture Partners”, who told about the corporate fund “Softline”, its operation principles and directions of diversification of the main business. At the moment the “Softline Venture” already has more than dozens of investments and get the first exit from the project.

In the end of the session has been summarized result of the whole Project “Practive of corporate venture Funds in Russian companies”. Within the Project there have been held 20 events, in which took part about 150 people from about 40 largest companies (representatives of private and government corporations). All participants of the Project (Rushydro, Rostechnologies, Agat, OMZ and others) received a good besis for development of a concept for using corporate venture investments in the own corporation.

The main event within the Project will become the First Moscow corporate venture summit, which will be held in December 5, 2013 in the Event-hall “Infoprostranstvo”, where will be gathered the leading foreign experts on the sphere of corporate venture funds, chiefs of Russian corporations, venture investors, experts, developments institutions and representatives of the government authority.