In the innovation Forum in the Krasnoyarsk region winners have been awarded

In the innovation Forum in the Krasnoyarsk region winners have been awardedAt the youth field of the III Innovation Forum in Zheleznogorsk has been held awarding of winners of the contest “UMNIK” (Participant of the youth scientific-innovation contest). In the award took part deputy governor of the Krasnoyarsk region Andrey Gnezdilov, deputy Chairman of the legislative meeting of the region Aleksey Kleshko, regional scientists and experts.

The main aim of the program “UMNIK” is financial support of youth participation in scientific-technician and innovation activity. Organizer of the contest, which is calculated for two years, is the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology. During the year guys receive by 200K RUB for the project development, and in one year participants of the contest can claim their project for the second financial year and get more 200K RUB.

According to Andrey Gnezdilov, the program “UMNIK” is one of the most effective mechanisms of revealing and supporting young scientists and investigators, who want to realize their potential through commercialization of scientific-research developments.

“Such grants support guys aspiration, support them working under innovative activity, creativity, and thanks to them they can implement their ideas. In this direction the regional Government actively interact with the Federal Development Institutions”, - considers Mr.Gnezdilov.