Amount of investment deals of the “Skolkovo” startups doubled per one year

Amount of investment deals of the “Skolkovo” startups doubled per one yearFor the first eleven months of the year companies-participants of the “Skolkovo” Fund received financing for 5,5B RUB, informed to director on investments of the “Skolkovo” Fund Eduard Kanalosh. It is the question of granting and investment obligations, that is about deals on investments in the “Skolkovo” Startups. From this sum only 841M RUB are grants of the Fund itself. The rest is external financing.

From this external financing, which comprises about 4,6B RUB, approximately 600M RUB somehow refer to “Skolkovo” grants; the rest financing came to companies-participants of the Fund without any connection to grants.

“We occupy a significant part of venture market of Russia”, - says Eduard Kanalosh. Investment director explains that more exact estimation is not possible yet, because still are unknown values on amount of venture market of the country this year. Last year, according to Dow Jones data, the Russian venture market, that is market of high-tech market companies, comprised $300M. This year as for November, 20 the “Skolkovo” companies attracted more than $110M. It is not possible to divide one figure to another, because they are from different resources, but anyway it tells about serious positions of the Fund on the venture market of the country.

Investment results of the year will be edited for 10-20% by increase, when will be received the end data, and Eduard Kanalosh names it “inspired”: “Investors watch at our startups and see quality of companies, and opportunity to earn – and they invest. This is great”, - says he.

The largest deal of the year 2013 is investment for $25M, which received the company “Ostrovok”, which has created hotels booking service Russian investor is the “Frontier Venture”, co-investors are the “Accel Partners” and the “General Catalyst”. Among the other large deals are “Dauria” ($20M), PkToGo ($11M).

Herewith Mr.Kanalosh considers that the main index is not just volumes of startups financing, but quantity of executed investment deals. For 11 months 31 companies-participants of the Fund received investments (last year there were 18 deals of this type).

“Our aim for the next year is to increase the amount of such companies up to 50”, - says investment director of the “Skolkovo”.