Winners of the “WEB READY 2013” have been announced

Winners of the “WEB READY 2013” have been announcedTotal prize Fund of the contest comprises 1,5M RUB. This year the contest and homonymous investment forum has been conducted for the fifth time. The event has been held with support of the Ministry of communication and mass media of The Russian Federation and the “Skolkovo” Fund.

Deputy Minister of communication and mass media Mark Shmulevich, who took part in the event, has noted that there is a great background to technological branch development in Russia. “First of all are all of you, - said he, addressing to competitors. – Russia is one of few countries in the world, where startups really can grow up in valuable companies”, - added deputy Minister.

Contests of technologies, such a “Web Ready”, should solve several tasks: select the best companies, serve as communication field, where Startupers can get required references, tell people about their project or find investor. And the third task is to attract young people to IT and create own projects, noted Mark Smulevich.

This year at “Web Ready” there has been filed 715 applications from 100 cities of 21 countries. Thus, during five years participants of the contest became 2734 projects. The largest agiotage has taken nomination for projects at early stage of its development (Seed) – applications have been filed by 442 projects. Nomination “Startup”, which included already monetized services, has taken almost twice lesser applications – 215. In the contest have been presented “old” projects at its growing stage.

In previous years scaled Forum and contest have been conducted at other fields. “We are proud that “Web Ready” reached us, - noted director executive director of the IT-cluster of the “Skolkovo” Fund Igor Bogachyov. – We have earlier been partners of the contest, because “Skokovo” on the whole and the IT-cluster in particular are interested in finding and supporting the best technological projects”.

In nomination “Seed” winners became two resident of the Fund: “Go+” and “Apprecode”. The team “Go+” presented the project of a cloud M2M platform, which will help connecting almost any devices, and took the third place. The second prize took the project “RoadAR”. And the first place in nomination has been given to “Appercode” – the universal platform for creation of mobile applications for all popular operational systems nowadays. Winners of this nomination received receipts for 50, 100 and 250 thousand rubles for the third ,second and first places correspondingly.

In the nomination “Growth” jury has selected four projects: YouScan, Jelastic, My Apps and “Doctor na rabote”. Two of them - Jelastic and YouScan – are residents of “Skolkovo”.

In the top-three winners of the main nomination – Startup – the third place took the project “Redhelper”. The second one took the automation and optimization system for context advertisement “Alytics”. The first place received the service “Bubuka”. Presentation of the “Bubuka” – the service for managing the musical broadcast at any enterprise – perhaps, will be memorable to the “Web Ready” guests. Their presentation was not only bright, but also loud, and vivid – Chief of the service managed to show how to fight with incorrect musical content. Prizes of the nomination became receipts for 100, 300 and 500 thousand rubles.

Partners of the “WebReady” have also decided to encourage talented projects, having chosen for this various methods: somebody received a trip to specialized conference in London, somebody received an opportunity to visit the Silicon Valley, and somebody received personal mentors. On the whole, Startupers, guests of the event and members of jury had something to share and communicate about on the forum-contest, which is the field for experience and ideas exchange.

Finalists of the contest noted that large and serious competitions have a greater value than it can seem to be. Firstly, this is the chance to realize own mistakes, get new ideas for development, direct the project into the right way and really estimate chances for success.

One of the winners – the team “Appercode”, for example, managed to achieve success only from the second time. “For the first time we could not even communicate to useful people, - says commercial director of the company Denis Sharov. – We decided to enter the second round, worked hard and during one year made impossible”. The second attempt appeared to be more successful, this is why we did our best, stated Denis Sharov. “But now stop competing, start working”, - resumed he.