More 15 residents have been accepted to the IT-park business-incubator

More 15 residents have been accepted to the IT-park business-incubator The second day of the 12th selection in business-incubator of the Kazan IT-park gave all participants an opportunity to present renewed variants of their presentations. The day before the team of business-incubator has conducted for gathered guests the introduction in methodology “Start in Garage”, and, as the second selection day showed, it was useful for many teams. According to the Startupers themselves, work according this program helped them to view their projects under the new angle and almost per one night present to experts the renewed presentations of their projects.

This time presentations have been divided by three blocks, during breaks of which experts and spectators had an opportunity to have a rest and advice to each other. For the presentation of each project was given by 2,5 minutes, after which experts could ask questions. The 12th selection has gathered projects from very different spheres – it was possible to meet here automated systems for diseases definition, innovative solution in the sphere of security increase for road traffic and projects, aimed at kids audience. In the hall have gathered claimants for entering the business-incubator of various ages – from schoolchildren till representatives of older generation. By the level of experience in business management there has gathered different audience – it would possible to meet there those, whose idea became the first, and those, who actively functions. Among participants of the selection there were those entrepreneurs, who have already became residents of the business-incubator with their project – Andrey Matveev, founder of the project “Marabaka”, Marat Sadreev, founder of the “Track service”, and Mikhail Chernov, whose previous project was very interesting to representatives of the company “Bars Group”, which has grown up in the separate department.

Some of the presented projects was possible to see at the conducted in the Kazan IT-park hackathons - from Microsoft and Such projects as “Where’s My Money?”, “iGo” and “Ruffle” are familiar to everybody, who follows the life of the Kazan IT-park.

During the whole day the group of experts, consisting of six people, has listened to presentations, asking questions, and discussed about what projects are worth of being residents of the business-incubator. According to results of the day there has been made decision about the fact that residents are the following projects:
• Electronic assistant – the cloud system for document control managing with elements of document workflow, for representatives of small and medium business;
• SMOPP – a box decision for organizing and equipping crosswalks, meeting maximum requirements of security and convenience (both for pedestrians, and drivers);
• Армаг.РФ – Internet store with delivery in army for military men;
• Priznanie 2.0 – mobile application, which allow knowing users about coincided mutual wishes;
• Where Is My Money – rational distribution planning of expenses inside various groups;
• Managed Wi-Fi Networks – software, able to execute translation of video- and photo- materials when working in Internet via WiFi-networks independently of location;
• ZEVS – emergency notification system of population for each flat;
• Adepter – service for implementation of adapted content at the site;
• Microparts – electronic constructor for young inventors and their parents;
• SocFishing – service, which allows automatically preparing basis for conduction of direct sales via social networks;
• Optimization of road-transport flow – software, which allows optimizing road-transport flow in the city;
• TrafficControl – system of dynamic transport models in cities;
• S&W – mobile application for search of interesting events and timely notification about them;
• Funky Quest – a platform for convenient creation and conduction of the city games;
• Smart restaurant – program-apparatus complex for places automation for catering.

Congratulations to winners!