The Forum “Infrastructural projects of Russia”

The Forum “Infrastructural projects of Russia”In December, 18 in Moscow will be conducted the 5th All-Russian Forum “Infrastructural projects of Russia”. The Forum is the discussion field for actual problems of infrastructure development and search of solutions with participation of the large private and institutional investors, business representatives, public organizations, Heads of authorities.

The Forum notice will offer participant of the event actual questions on projects PPP realization, infrastructure financing, and improvement of investment climate of the Russian Federation.

One of the key subjects within the Forum will become the subject of Siberia and Far East development. Notwithstanding that in these regions increased investments amount, the infrastructural projects are at the stage of ending – the situation is still difficult. It is necessary to remember that only 37% of the total amount of projects, which are headed by the Ministry of East development on the Federal Target Program “Economics and social development of the Far East and Trans-Baikal up to 2013” are fully realized for five years. Out migration continues to grow and increases goods flow, mostly of Chinese production, earlier manufactured in the region.

Growth rates of the gross regional product in the Far East Federal region, which always fell in to average Russian, since 2010 started to grow faster than all over the world. The ending year has set several principally new tasks, which require immediate analysis and solution, which we take for discussion at the session.

Also within the limits of the 5th All-Russian Forum will be conducted the expert committee “Institutionalization of the scheme of Governmental-private partnership. Global experience", at which it is planned to consider the best global practices of projects PPP realization, financing models and successful experience of its realization. Russia has a huge potential to make a great jump in PPP-direction. It also encourages that the Government nowadays pays much attention to investment attractiveness of regions. Thus, one of the key tasks of the Government this year is stimulating of investment activity and creation of favorable conditions for business leading in the RF subjects. In order to execute order given by the President in May, 2012, there have been prepared “road maps” on the most problem spheres for business, there is the work on specification of the regional standard of competitiveness development. The logic continuation of this direction of the Ministry activity became initiative of creating the Russian agency for investments attraction in regions, which is given by the Chairman of the Government. Such institutes are widely spread in the global practice and proved its efficiency; moreover, common by functions structures already exist in a range of Russian regions.

The All-Russian Forum “Infrastructural projects of Russia” in Moscow will be conducted for the fifth time. Organizers will make everything possible to pay attention to all constructive solutions, ideas and offers, which will be set in December, 18 at the event, and have its practice application.

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