The “Tsiferblat” opened the first in London caf? with per minute payment

The “Tsiferblat” opened the first in London café with per minute paymentThe Russian Company “Tsiferblat” opened its first in London anticafe, where visitors pay only for time but not meal. Became popular in Russia the format of per minute payment for existing in the caf? has not yet been applied in the Great Britain Capital. The “Tsiferblat” in London has been opened in the center of the city by address 388 OldStreet, Shoreditch. Till December, 15 for its visit each visitor pays the amount it considers to be the needed, and after this cost of a minute in the area will comprise 3 pence, which is more than 1.5 rubles.

Herewith owners of the caf? do not set limits for minimal time of visiting this anticafe. Visitors can spend it having coffee and light meal, or prepare something more serious independently. Besides, there is a piano, on which can play any volunteer.

The first “Tsiferblat” has grown up from analogues project by Ivan Mitin “Dom na dereve” in Moscow in September, 2011. During three years clubs for interests, where they pay for the conducted time, have acquired the name “Anticafe”. The team of the current “Tsiferblat” started to open area by franchise in other countries and appeared to be the true network. In Russian “Tsiferblats” cost of the visit comprises 2 rubles per minute. In a “free area”, as it name founders, it is possible to read books, listen to lectures, work, watch films or just communicate with people.

For the last two years founder of the company “Tsiferblat” Ivan Mitin managed to open more nine anticafes on the territory of Russia and Ukraine. Nowadays he intends to continue international expansion of its business.