M&A: Vympelcom mergers with WindTelecom

Vympelcom Ltd and WIND TELECOM S.p.A., («WindTelecom»), the leading international providers of telecommunication services, have merged to form a new telecommunication group. The deal resulted in Vympelcom’s owning, through WindTelecom, 51,7% of OrascomTelecomHolding S.A.E. (Orascom Telecom) and 100% Wind TelecomunicazioniS.p.A. (Wind Italy). Former WindTelecom shareholders received 325 639 827 new common shares and 305 000 000 new convertible privileged shares of Vympelcom, 1 495 mln USD in cash and will receive certain assets taken from WindTelecom group and returned to WeatherInvestments II S.а.r.l. (“Weather II”).