North pharmcluster will hold an innovative projects session

North pharmcluster will hold an innovative projects sessionNorth biopharmcluster on the basis of MIPT jointly with ROEL Consulting Group of Companies with the support of the Russian Venture Company will hold a designing session on February 24-26, 2012 to review, analyze and refine innovative projects and also to improve their efficiency, competence and increase the potential of project teams.

Institutional designing session is a new type of activity that has no direct analogs. In fact, this is a special type of intensive production meeting, which allows to move a few days working project forward for several months or even years using special methods of substantive work on projects. This acceleration can be achieved due to specially-organized substantial knowledge about property used in the design session.

The task of the designing session is to help entrepreneurial teams to understand and speed up their business projects work. Moreover, this work is carried out mainly by a project team itself: the owner as the main resource; the leaders of management team and their trainees, trained in Technology entrepreneurship as an exact discipline training module based on MIPT and successfully passed the competition. The integration of trainees into the team carried out directly during the session.

The novelty is in changing the subject of activity. During the session the transition from the familiar world of habitual things, production process, distribution and exchange to the world of relations between the owners of those things (real-valued process) which are necessary for the implementation of an entrepreneurial project.

The great difference between design sessions and other activities such as trainings and educational classes is that they don’t solve ordinary tasks from a textbook during designing sessions but do real projects that can be implemented here and now.

The following people are invited to participate in the designing session:

- Assets owners interested in the growth of their value by the implementation of projects;

- Investors who use the designing sessions in the selection process, examination and implementation of investment projects;

- Management companies interested in improving the quality of examination, completion and project maintenance;

- Project managers and trainees who wish to advance in skills.