Chinese company Ningbo Junhuey purchased service Foto.Ru

Chinese company Ningbo Junhuey purchased service Foto.RuRussian multiple shop retailing of photographic technique informs about a range of agreements execution on stock of shares transaction to its former partner, Chinese manufacturer of photographic technique Ningbo Junhuey. Amount of transaction is not disclosed.

Chinese company Ningbo Junhuey in recent years has been one of the key partners of the net. Ningbo Junhuey, having in plans a scaled expansion on Russian and European markets, acquires ready specific partner networks in these regions, relying on its experience and knowledge of specific market.

Shares transaction has been conducted by mutual agreement. Previous owners of Foto.Ru network were physical persons – founders of a business.

Gaining control over the service, Ningbo Junhuey wants to keep all the best from larhe Russian retailer of photographic technique developers, invest funds in development of Internet projects and widening of list of photo accessories and studio equipment, that traditionally net has made.

Foto.Ru exists on Russian market for almost 20 years. At the moment net numbers 31 store in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk and other cities of Russia. In 1996 on the base of retail chain, started its work in Internet store of photographic technique Foto.Ru.

On the head of Foto.Ru is appointed Viktor Karasev. “The company`s strategy will consist in service development and sale of qualitative technological photo accessories, including studio equipment and equipment for photo and videorecording, among them is popular brand Raylab”, - said he.