MasterCard carrying a contest: €40000 for training in Skolkovo MBA

MasterCard carrying a contest: €40000 for training in Skolkovo MBAOpen up opportunities with MasterCard is the joint enterprise of Moscow school of administration Skolkovo and MasterCard company. The application forms are taken from the candidates presenting the business-idea of a project in the sphere of commercial, social or private and public industry. Three finalists will get a €40000 scholarship for training in Skolkovo on Full time MBA program. The participants will be able not only to present their projects, but also to get a prospective opportunity to speed it up and develop it under the Skolkovo MBA program.

The business-ideas are supposed to be presented in the form of a video presentation or an essay (both in English). The applications are admitted (accepted??) from February 1 till March 15 2012.

The business-ideas presented at the contest are considered by the Skolkovo Contest Committee. Top-20 finalists are allowed to take the entrance examinations under Skolkovo MBA program. Top-10 finalists will have an opportunity to present a pitch to the Skolkovo-MasterCard Contest Committee. According to the results of the last competition 3 finalists will be selected.

Only citizens of the Russian Federation are allowed to participate in the contest. Individual candidates will be awarded even if the task was supposed to be fulfilled in groups.

Obligatory requirements to the participants:

• Age: 21-32;
• Higher education;
• 2-3 years of management experience (or similar in the sphere of enterprising);
• Fluent English.

The administration guarantees the confidentiality of the information discussed during the contest and it will not be given to public in any form without owner’s written permission.