Ekaterinburg IT businessman to take up the Ural startups

Ekaterinburg IT businessman to take up the Ural startupsSergei Amirov, a known Ekaterinburg IT businessman (Mediasite, 66.ru, ekabu.ru, rabota66.ru, motorwars.ru, etc.), has announced his readiness to invest in new Internet projects. As reported on the Ural IT Cluster business incubator news portal, Amirov is interested in projects with the potential revenue of $ 50,000 per month.

At the moment I'm interested in real Internet business - without the explosive hypergrowth, but with a clear business model. Active or ready to be launched are welcome. Better local (the local team, not the regional), says the blog Sergei Amirov.

The projects with potential revenue of $ 50,000 per month or more are considered. Amirov is willing to act as an investor, buyer or partner of the new project. Both technical and marketing competences in demand are concentrated in his company. As for investments, as far as I understand the scope of our existing venture capital funds, I am ready to participate in larger projects, - said the capitalist.

Now two companies interested in start-ups operate in Yekaterinburg: Projector by Leonid Volkov and the RedButton Capital fund organized by a group of IT businessmen (Eugene Sharovarin, Sergei Vakhonin, Sergei Pokazanyev, Dmitri Kalaev, Alexei Kostarev). A little less noticeable on the market is the Venture IT fund.