Ekaterinburg Citrea Startup received investment from Yandex

Ekaterinburg Citrea Startup received investment from YandexThe company Yandex has reported that it will fund the Citrea start-up from Yekaterinburg in the framework of its Yandex.Fabrika. The size of investment was not disclosed, but it is noted that it’s a small amount for development.

Citrea is a company developing the joint engine to work on the texts for online collaborative services. The innovative technology introduced is based on academic developments in the field of deep hypertext. The company also develops its own collaborative services for the online media and working groups.

The Citrea technology allows several people to simultaneously edit text right in the browser, and engine stores the url of all the states of the text. According to experts, the technology can be used, for example, in the media. Yandex can use the technology for the development of functional editing documents, such as Yandex.Post.

The project was first presented to Yandex by the company’s permanent partner from Ekaterinburg, Leonid Volkov.

We invited the guys to perform at Yandex.Start in Yekaterinburg, in December 2011, Anton Zabavnykh, Yandex communications services team manager participated. We decided to support a project with a small sum for development. If the guys manage to realize the full functionality, Yandex will be happy to discuss possible technology partnerships with the project authors, - says the report.

The project has already received investment from the company Spotlight by Leonid Volkov.

The Yandex.Fabrika was created to support projects potentially interesting to Yandex. The small size of the financing of several tens of thousands dollars, and regular meetings with project sponsors and developers allow Yandex managers to closely monitor the start-up, help with the expertise and - if successful - to build permanent partnerships with the project.