Dietary supplements and drugs to be made of watermelons in Volgograd region

Dietary supplements and drugs to be made of watermelons in Volgograd region Bykovsky Technology Center for collective using of agro-industrial complex Bykovsky Agrotechnopark is being created in Volgograd region. It will be a pilot project of the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

The main objective of the project is to reduce production and economic costs of agricultural producers, assist in enhancing the competitiveness of agricultural products, the promotion of innovative technologies.

The implementations of the pilot project to establish the first agrotechnopark in Bykovsky area is very timely and reasonable, as it will allow mastering the deep watermelon processing technology and producing not only juice, concentrate, nardek, ice cream as well as cosmetics, dietary supplements and drugs - the deputy of Volgograd Regional Duma of Zavolzh'ye Irina Guseva says.

We add that the area has some positive experience of developing the pharmaceutical market by agriculture sector. A pharmaceutical research and production association Europe-Biopharm was established in 1991, the main activity of which was the conversion of agricultural machinery for harvesting melons. The result of research in deep processing of products was the Tykveol medicine registered in 1994. Today, the main components of the development strategy of the biopharmaceutical cluster are: the search for active pharmaceutical ingredients of vegetable feed and its cultivation, the development of extraction technologies, elite production and analyst, manufacturing technology of extraction and purification, pilot extraction technologies.