Eurasian innovative centers conference took place at the first day of Interra

Eurasian innovative centers conference took place at the first day of InterraA conference of innovation centers of Eurasia took place on September, 13 in Academpark and discussed the promotion of Russian innovative projects to the international market, as well as the issue of forming effective chain of partnerships of domestic and foreign experts and developers. This event was the first at the Interra forum on Territory of Innovation, the report of Academpark says.

This conference sets the next two days of the Forum. We have a very reputable pool of experts and we hope that the present work will give a strong impetus for the development of the industrial park and innovative companies, will also provide new ideas for our future work - the Director General of the Academpark Dmitry Verkhovod addressed to the conference participants.

The organizers of the conference have formulated the following tasks: building up relationships between the expert and scientific community of Novosibirsk and major innovation centers of the world; the creation of structures needed to promote technological developments on the foreign market; search for an effective mechanism to pass the Russian valley of death and the partnerships with international cooperation.

The event was attended by representatives of innovative companies, science, Academpark. Foreign experts from Italy, England and Lithuania have also took part in the work.

The event emphasized the discussion on specific technology programs and projects in the working groups.

I put a program to create an IT-cluster in Novosibirsk region which is in the list of federal programs and will be maintained at a high level as a project. It is important to understand how successful our decision to develop the IT-cluster in the region is and how consistent with the goal to become a world IT-skills center it is. I would like to get feedback from the participants of the conference - the director of the association SibAcademSoft Irina Travina presented her project.

Each working group had to consider a number of questions: how to initiate a scientific discovery; how to organize effective promotion of Russian high technology developments in the global market; how to cooperate with foreign partners to make the project work in the market and other issues.

The new type of activity, which we are trying to expand, is systematic complicated. We have to work out the formats of interaction: individual and collective. This conference is the first experience, and we are ready to continue our work. I think that some companies have found their counterparts in the West today, - a co-organizer of the event Anna Elashkina concluded.