MSU opens country's first incubator for high school students PRE.incubator

MSU opens country's first incubator for high school students PRE.incubatorThe grand opening of the first Russian PRE.Incubator and the first lesson within the course of additional education on entrepreneurship for students will take place on October 28, 2012 at the Economic Faculty of Moscow State University. The participation in the educational program of PRE.Incubator is free for school children after compulsory registration.

PRE.Incubator is a university-based infrastructure that promotes the development of talented young people. PRE.Incubator's annual list of events includes over 80 classes in the format of business games, presentations and informal meetings with entrepreneurs.

Professional business coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs are invited to conduct classes at PRE.Incubator. The main task of the educational program is to develop applied skills of students that are often neglected by the graduate programs and during the first courses at universities.

The educational program of PRE.Incubator will help students to develop the skills of entrepreneurial thinking, presentation, reasoning and planning. The course participants will be able to understand the key rules of business, finance, marketing, the features of a new enterprise establishment, learn how to prepare business plans and protect their own projects to external audiences.

Adult graduates of PRE.Incubator will be able to get grants and financial support from 300K RUR from PRE.Inkubator's partners for the development of their projects.

Valuable experience of working with young entrepreneurs and successful businessmen will help to better understand the particularities of business in Russia, to assess the relevance of various specialties, consciously approach to the selection of future profession, and plan your career.